Our Mission

To make householders delighted with, and proud of, their stunning, lifelong-lasting wall decor.

Unexpected Origins

We began when the founder, Joe Zanrè, discovered that his home-made camera triggering device was capable of capturing absolutely stunning images of water drops. When he expressed his surprise and satisfaction on social media, he received requests for wall-hangings of his work. At the time, the most expedient means of meeting this demand was to establish a shop on Etsy.com, which attracted rave reviews.

Expanding Porfolio

As the technique and equipment improved, new and equally exciting images were captured, and a new genre, colliding water drops, was introduced.

Water Drop Lens Effect

Lengthy experiments with refraction were conducted and, not surprisingly, breathtaking results were achieved, as the technique was perfected.
For an adiitional fee, we will perform this technique using an image of your choice.

Our Products

With the original photograph mounted on an aluminium surface, and covered with acrylic glass, these wall hangings have an eye-catching depth effect.