Established in 2020

These incredible wall-hangings came into being in 2015, when I added a water-drop function to a camera remote triggering device I was building as a hobby. While testing this feature, I was utterly astounded by the results and immediately validated them by making sales on Etsy.  The launch of this website coincides with the redesign of my device, known as Snaperture, for interfacing with a smartphone.

Of course, I had seen water-drop photographs online, as have you probably, but nothing could have prepared me for the ones Snaperture produced. The drop featured on the home page of this site was  the first to be captured, and it had me dancing a jig with excitement. Since then, many more astounding images have been produced, however my excitement with the results has never diminished.

Take a look at the gallery and you too will be excited.

Joe Zanrè